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Legs and Feet Care tips

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Legs and Feet Care tips

Beauty Tips & Tricks : Legs and Feet Care tips
  • Our beauty and makeup tips are not only for your skin care but can also give you tips on the whole body care. Loveliest legs are smooth and free from superfluous hair. To beautify your legs here is an exercise. Stand with bare feet and raise yourself up on tiptoe stay in this position while you count ten. Now gently lower your feet. Do this ten times. Apply a little talcum powder on your legs and massage.
  • If you like to wear dresses then you should keep your legs free from hair. Wax or shave them. At bath time after applying soap to your legs rub pumice stone on them in circular motion. This will reduce the growth of hair considerably and make them soft and smooth. Apply vanishing cream on them whenever you are going out to give them a matt effect.
  • Patches of dry, flaky skin afflict the legs of many women each winter. Here is a good remedy for combating dryness. Wash them with warm water. Shake off the excess water and apply a good coating of honey to the legs. Leave on your half an hour and then wash off. Pat dry. Every night apply a thin coating of olive oil mixed with equal quantity of Lanolin, but before using warm them over hot water. Do this regularly in the winter. Rotate the feet when you are sitting to strengthen the ankles Squat instead of bending, this way, you will streamline the shape of your legs.
  • If the feet become tender, they should be bathed in warm salt water or water in which a little alum has been dissolved.
  • Following exposure to cold and moisture, a warm foot bath with soap, and water, followed by a vigorous massage for at least 5 minutes and a change to dry shoes are of extreme importance in the prevention of chilblains, trench foot and frostbite.

  • A good remedy for puffy and swollen feet is to swathe them for about half an hour in small napkins ringed out in ice cold water and prop them higher than your head for about 10 minutes. Also go about barefoot or in open sandals for a day.
  • A weekly after-the-bath massage with any oil will keep the skin of the feet soft and improve the blood circulation. Spray, burning or tired feet with ice cold eau-de-cologne for a very cooling effect. This lowers the skin surface temperature and also relieves swelling.
  • Corns are caused by shoes that are too tight. They are due to constant friction.
  • If you develop a hard com, try to nab it while it is too young to be stubborn. For three nights together soak the feet in warm water for 15 minutes, then apply a liquid corn remover or a com salve to it. Now wear a com plaster on the corn over piece of cotton. This treatment should enable you to lift out the com without any trouble.
  • Calluses are thick scaly masses of skin caused by ill-fitting shoes or general foot strain. In early stages, it can be cured by tubing over it, a pumic stone in a rotatory motion at bath time. Also a footbath of hot water and baking soda will sometimes help these hardened areas. After 15 minutes, wipe the callus with a rough towel and then rub in 1 teaspoon of vinegar with 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Do this daily. To relieve itching, rub on them either vinegar or lime juice.
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